This scene from the New Testament tells the story of a dinner engagement with an unusual twist. Simon, a
Pharisee (religious leader) has invited Jesus to dinner at his home.

At some point during the visit, a woman of less than pristine reputation enters the house. The woman is
obviously very distraught and weeping. At first she stands behind Jesus crying contritely, then she kneels at
his feet and begins to kiss them while anointing them with a costly, fragrant balm. Her tears fall copiously on
his feet, which she dries with her hair.

The Pharisee is aghast at this display of lavish affection. Whether jealousy is a part of his response we are not
told, but it is revealed that he finds the woman's actions inappropriate
because of who and what she is.
Just as revealing is the Lord Jesus Christ's gracious acceptance of this woman and her worship
in spite of
who and what she is.

Jesus knows exactly what is going through his hosts' mind, and responds by telling him a parable about two
debtors. The moral of the story is that the person who has been forgiven the most is the one that will love
(the Forgiver) the most. He then tells the woman to go in peace...her sins are forgiven.

But he also demonstrates during this encounter that he (Jesus) is God - because He is worthy of the worship
that belongs only to God, and because he has the power to forgive sin - something only God can do!
36 x 48
Gouache, acrylic, and pencil on canvas

Lavish Worship II
The Story Behind the Painting...
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created by
Illustrator Trenét Worlds

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