Anagrams are words, phrases, or sentences made from another
word, phrase, or sentence by rearranging the letters. They
present a fascinating study into the Holy Bible because
anagrams in modern English confirm the Biblical record of
man's history and future; even though the Old Testament was
written in Hebrew, and the New Testament translated from
Greek. More specific than Nostradamus' quatrains, and easier
to understand than Bible codes, HolyGrams takes the reader on
a mind-boggling journey from Creation clear to the end of this
present age and into the world to come.

Experience the fear and chaos of the Genesis flood, and the
frustration and hilarious confusion at the Tower of Babel. Gain
insight into the subtle powers that distract followers of Christ
from achieving their full potential. Unmask the nefarious
agenda of fellowships that l
eave their first love to yoke with
this present world for money and power, and how they will
ultimately persecute true followers of Christ.

You'll marvel at the battle scene when the Lord Jesus Chris
himself returns to reclaim the earth, and the unfathomable
peace, prosperity, and celebration during his millennial reign.
Later, as a spectator in the Heavenly Court, you'll observe the  
guilty refuse to answer to the charges, only to have their
thoughts escape their mind and be written for all to see! You'll
cringe in horror at the c
ustomized torments and horrors of the
Lake of Fire, and long for the indescribable beauty and peace
that belongs to the New Heaven and Earth.

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