6 panels 24 x 36
Gouache,  chalk and pencil on canvas
The Story Behind the Paintings...
Deliverance of the Gadarene
Our story begins in the New Testament Book of Mark, Chapters 4 and 5, and
Luke 8, verses 22 through 39.. Jesus has been using a small ship docked at shore
as a podium from which to teach the multitudes who have come to hear him.
When evening comes, he requests to be taken across the lake, to the country of
the Gadarenes.  He then retires to the  bottom of the ship, finds a pillow, and lays
down to catch a nap. Meanwhile, as the disciples are rowing, a violent storm
arises on the lake, and the waves become so high the ship begins to take on water.
Panicking, the disciples wake Jesus - asking him if he isn't concerned that they
are all getting ready to perish. Jesus tells the wind and sea to settle down. As the
weather related phenomena subside, Jesus asks his disciples why they were so
fearful, and why their faith was so small. However, they are so awe-stricken, all
they can do is ask each other..." what manner of man is this, that even the wind
and the sea obey him?"

As soon as they reach the shore, a man comes running out to meet them.
It is immediately obvious that he is not your typical welcoming committee.
The man - possessed by demons - is naked and has come from the direction of the
tombs, where he dwells. His days and nights are spent wandering around among the
dead and in mountainous wilderness areas of Gadarenes. He is driven to lacerate
himself with stones, and those bold enough to come within earshot can hear his
tormented cries. Some men have attempted to bind him with chains, and others have
tried a gentler approach of domesticating him - as you would a feral animal - but to
no avail. The otherworldly forces within him enable him to snap the chains like
twigs, and no man can tame him.
When he sees Jesus disembarking from the ship, he runs to meet him -
worshipping him! Despite their sworn hatred for God and all things holy, the  
demons inside him beg the Son of God to not  "torment" them.
Jesus responds by commanding the unclean spirit to come out of the man.
Jesus asks the unclean spirit to identify itself. It  answers, "My name is Legion: for
we are many." It then profusely begs Jesus not to send them away out of the country;
and if they must leave the man, at least to let them enter into the large herd of swine
(about two thousand) feeding nearby. Jesus grants them permission.
Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
"Divine Authority"
But if I with the finger of
God cast out devils, no
doubt the kingdom of
God is come upon you.   
Luke 11:20
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